Expertise and Interests

designtheory- und research

strategic concept development

user-centered design

methodological approaches

Anna Keilbach

Originally, Anna  studied Communication Design (BA) at the »Hochschule für Gestaltung in Schwäbisch Gmünd« and the »Lahti University of Applied Sciences«. In addition to her studies, she developed communication concepts and empirical evaluations for Mercedes-Benz‘s Lifestyle Configurator and performed design workshops for pupils on behalf of the »Deutsches Design Museum Foundation« and the »German Design Council«. Hereby she was able to spread her commitment: to understand design as a process and a course of actions, and not only to reduce it to the purely formalaesthetic design.


Since 2015, Anna has been part of the design:transfer‘s expert team. In 2016, she completed her  Master Strategic Design and started to work as research assistent at the »Technischen Hochschule« in Ingolstadt. Her activities include the preparation and implementation of lectures in the course of study »User Experience Design« at the faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.


In addition to the profession, Anna  aspire a dissertation in order to pursue her interests of the application-oriented design research.