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Anna Keilbach

Student Research Team

Bauhaus = Bauhaus?



Cultural studies research on the topic
»Bauhaus = Bauhaus?«



The »Bauhaus« DIY chain bears the same name as the design school founded by Walter Gropius in Weimar in 1919. The latter had a significant influence on product aesthetics and shaped the cultural term »Bauhaus«. However, our research shows that this term is unknown to a large population group. Rather, the »Bauhaus« is associated with the DIY chain of the same name.



This is where we want to build on our work and educate visitors of the »Bauhaus« DIY store or »non-designers« in order to strengthen their design awareness of cultural history.


The evaluation of our interviews showed intersections between designers and »non-designers«. At the same time, a strong discrepancy between the two characters became apparent, which is why the understanding for both sides must be strengthened. This promotes better cooperation and is intended to achieve a greater appreciation of design achievements.



Participative workshop for designers and »non-designers« to strengthen design awareness and mutual understanding.


HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd, 4th term 2013 (BA)

Lecturer: Andrea Augsten, Franka Wehr

Mentor: Prof. Dr. Rinker

Project partner: Daniel Otto

»Das Bauhaus hat als visueller Stil – abgespeckte, geschnörkelt Gestaltung überlebt, aber nicht als Bewusstsein oder Philosophie.« George Burden, Germany, retired product designer


»Design was seen as something that Designers do. The society tries out design by themselves. Bauhaus was before that technology.« Brenda Duggan, Irland, Visual Commuication Designer


»It‘s all related. But you would‘t look at something today and say, ‚that‘s Bauhaus! Of course it had an influence. But I‘m not sure if it‘s relevant.« Andrea Wilkinson, USA, Design Education


»The Bauhaus became the blueprint for modern design education in Europe.« Paul Jackson, Israel, Designer







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