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Anna Keilbach


Design in Organizations


UXD has become a buzzword and unique selling point for digital products. But is its implementation as widespread as the word itself? The study examines the significance of UXD in software development organizations while considering the four levels awareness, structure, process and outcome. In three companies, semi-guided interviews were conducted and visual-haptic models were built with the test persons. The study reveals that the awareness of UXD is still not present. UXD is equated with usability. Comparing to the other disciplines, like developers, less designers are employed. All in all, organizations suffer from a general lack of understanding design.

Measuring the significance of UXD in agile software development organizations

– 1st Awareness:

Is the understanding of UXD present and to which degree of detail?

– 2nd Structure:

How are UXD-designers – if at all - integrated in the software

development team and what role do they assign?

– 3rd Process:

Is UXD integrated in the agile development process and if yes, how?

Can certain problems be identified?

– 4th Product outcome:

Is the user’s perspective expressed and how is the holistic UXD

approach guaranteed?







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