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Anna Keilbach


User Experience Design & Scrum


Our world is in the midst of a rapid digital transformation. Software products are more and more important. To operate with such daily software applications an intuitive user-friendly interface as well as a functioning technique behind is necessary. In order to implement a digital application of a planned software, the work of developers is in demand. »Scrum« is a common process model for agile software development. However, the involvement of elements of other professional skills and disciplines (such as User Experience Design), which are essential for a strong product, have been neglected in this context so far. Regarding to its upcoming need, framework conditions and work tools for the integration of User Experience Design into agile software development for especially small and medium-sized enterprises must be created.



Presenting results at the push.conference Munich, 2017

Numerous interviews were clustered to develop top findings and to form HMW-questions, which are intended to stimulate the generation of ideas and lead to opportunity areas for possible solutions.

– How might we pose the design process in sprints?

– How might we connect the consistency and UX

more effectively to development processes?

– How might we reduce the dependency of design templates

for the development?

– How might we improve the intersections and

mutual understandings between the individual experts?

– How might we communicate »mistakes« as benefits

for customers?








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